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Standard Transportation Mission Statement:

In an ever increasing world of faceless communications, Standard Transportation is dedicated to the individual and personal attention for all of your company's freight shipping requirements. You will always deal with the same person, Brien Kroeger. We do not have a bank of impersonal trucking freight coordinators who may, or may not recognize you. You will not be put on hold for any period of time, listening to obnoxious music or shameless self-promotion. Brien will always treat you as you would expect, personally attending to every detail, and not delegating the responsibility of your freight shipping to an unfamiliar, faceless trucking "Freight Coordinator". Yes, The Buck Really Does Stop at Brien's Desk.

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trucking freight, fast deliveryStandard Transportation has developed an innovative LTL program for the shipper of special commodities. Why pay truckload freight bills for 10,000 lbs and only 20 feet of deck space? Let Brien show you how to reduce those trucking freight bills and still have your material delivered safely on time.

transportation logistics, trucking servicesStandard Transportation participates in arranging, handling, loading and delivering steel, machinery, aircraft engines, general commodities, and even large pre-constructed storage buildings (heavy haul trucking), on a weekly basis. Whether moving on a flatbed, stepdeck, lowboy, or even in a 53' transportation logistics van, we have the right equipment for your order.

Standard loads, monitors, and delivers, overdimensional freight weekly. We are fully versed in all lower 48 state permit requirements, as well as the Provinces of Canada. Standard also maintains professional relationships with interlining carriers for trucking services for Mexican bound shipments. We offer both through trucking service and trans loading at the major border crossings. Standard serves all of Canada and Alaska as well. Brien has also recently exported special commodities to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Standard Transportation also services the steel industries at the import/export piers throughout the United States. Brien has well established, personal, long term relationships, with well respected Customs brokers and personnel at major import/export terminals. Call him to extend your influence in import and export today.

800-774-7971 • 860-774-7971 • Fax 860-779-6180

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